Tax refunds for PAYE construction workers

For Construction Industry  workers who are employed ( not self employed) .there are many work related expenses which are eligible for Tax Rebates

Specialist Team

Construction Industry Rebate

We  help the UK’s Construction Industry to maximise all their Rebate from HMRC.. With our specialist construction teams, we’ve got the experience and expertise to get the best out of your yearly tax refund claims. We track your mileage / tools / subscriptions/ uniform expenses to make sure we have all expenses covered..

We act as your Agent with  HMRC, and attend to all queries until we get your Tax Rebate cheque.

Your PAYE tax rebate: what you need

When you make a tax refund claim, you’re going to need to prove to HMRC that you’re owed money. That means:

  • A list of the sites you’ve worked on: You’ll need to tell HMRC the places you’ve worked and when you were there. You can claim for up to 4 years, but don’t stress out if you can’t track down every last detail. We can help you fill in the blanks.
  • Receipts for Tools
  • MIleage Record
  • Supporting documents: Things like MOT certificates and receipts for your work expenses will all help, too.

Construction PAYE

PAYE construction tax refunds: who can claim?

When you’re working a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) job and travel to temporary worksites, you’re probably owed some money back from HMRC. In the building trade, you’re likely to spend a lot of your time clocking up mileage that counts toward your yearly refund. Not only that, but a lot of the other day-to-day costs you’re shelling out for could qualify for tradesman tax deductions. Meals, accommodation on the road and upkeep of your equipment and uniform can all contribute to your refund claim. Even fees and subscriptions to unions and other professional bodies can count as builders’ expenses if they’re necessary for the work you do.

Use our free , easy to use , online tax refund calculator. Once  we have received your claim , we will make our checks and then prepare and file your claim, then chase the taxman until it’s paid out. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process. 

HMRC Processing Time

How long does it take to get a tax refund?

Normally a rebate claim takes 6-8 weeks. Remember, you can claim your overpaid tax back for up to 4 years, so there’s no reason to miss out on what you’re owed.

Construction Tax Rebates

Can I still make a tax refund claim if I’m missing some paperwork?

Yes, In many cases , we can make claims based on Flat Rate Expenses (FRE) so don’t worry if you don’t have receipts for all your expenses.
We will be in touch to discuss any paperwork required but in many cases the whole claim is all done online.

Construction Tax Rebates

Can I still claim a PAYE tax refund if I’ve got more than one source of income? one job or source of income?

When you’ve got a second job or other income, it can make a big difference to your tax situation. For PAYE jobs, you’ll have a separate tax code for each. However, only one of them will have your tax-free Personal Allowance attached to it. That means your other job will be taxed from the very first penny you earn.

Things can get a little tricky in tax-land when you’ve got more than one source of income. Tax codes can change over time, and it’s easy to end up paying the wrong amount. We will deal with HMRC on your behalf to go through all your calculations.

Construction Tax Rebates

If I only worked for part of the tax year. Could I still be owed a tax refund?

Yes! In fact, stopping work part-way through a tax year is a pretty common reason why people end up being owed some PAYE tax back.

When you’re working through PAYE, the tax taken out of your wages is based on the assumption that you’ll be earning steadily all year. If that income gets choked off early, it can be like paying tax on money you’ll never even earn.

What you’re owed depends on your situation. If you start claiming a taxable benefit after your previous job ends, for instance, it can bring down your refund amount. There’s still never a good reason to leave your cash in the taxman’s pocket, though.

Tax Advice

I’ve a P800 tax calculation from HMRC. What does it mean?

Don’t stress out if you get a P800 tax calculation form from HMRC. It might actually be good news! Being sent a P800 means HMRC has noticed that you’ve paid the wrong amount of tax, one way of the other. If you’ve overpaid, you’ll get an automatic refund. If you’ve paid too little, they’ll let you know how they’ll be clawing the rest back (probably through a change to your tax code).

Don’t ignore a P800 if you get one. If you can’t understand why you have it, talk to us and we’ll sort it out. If there’s a mistake, we’ll get it fixed for you.

Uniform tax refunds

Can I claim a tax refund for cleaning my job uniform ?

If what you wear counts as builders’ work clothes, you can claim back some tax on the costs of repairing, cleaning or replacing it. The same goes for Personal Protective Equipment, as long as you’re meeting the costs yourself. If your employer’s paying up-front or reimbursing you later, you won’t have a claim. Similarly, if your work provides a free laundry service, then on claim. Even if you decide not to use the free option, the fact that it exists means you can’t claim for your laundry costs as builders’ expenses.

If keeping precise records of every work expense you run up during the year seems too much like maths homework, there’s an alternative. For people with PAYE jobs, there’s the “simplified expenses” system. Either way, you’re basically just using HMRC’s guesswork to claim a fixed amount instead of doing your own calculations. You probably won’t get back everything you’re owed this way, but it’s less hassle overall.

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