What are your fees?

We charge zero fees upfront and work on a No Win No Fee basis. Our fee is deducted from the HMRC settlement payment, so you will never have to pay anything directly out of your own pocket.

If we are successful in recovering a tax refund for you, we will deduct a fee of 30% plus VAT, subject to a minimum charge of £25 inc VAT. Where the value of the rebate received from HMRC falls below £25 inc VAT or there is no rebate due, there will be no additional charges to pay.

For example, on a £100 tax refund, our fee is £30, the VAT is £6 and £64 is paid to you.

Any refund you receive for a current tax year that’s paid directly into your tax account as a credit is free of charge. There will be nothing to pay us on this part of the refund.

Our fees are simple and straightforward and are not subject to any additional charges or handling fees.

If we are successful in claiming Uniform Allowance or Marriage Allowance for you, HMRC will code this rebate into your tax code, so you automatically receive it every year as a tax credit without having to re-apply as long as your circumstances do not change i.e., change of job or change of marital status. There is no fee to us, for any of these additional payments.

Is it worthwhile making a tax rebate claim?

No matter if you make a claim directly to HMRC or through us , you always benefit from making a successful tax rebate claim:

  • You will pay less tax going forward every year, due to the tax allowances put into your tax code.
  • You won’t need to claim again (unless you change jobs or there is a change in your marital status).
  • You will have peace of mind in knowing that you’ve paid the right amount of tax and are on the correct tax code

About the VAT

We are required by law to charge VAT on our fee at 20%. VAT is only applied to our fee and not to the whole refund amount.

How will I know my claim has been successful?

You will receive a P800 tax calculation letter from HMRC confirming how much you are owed and how this figure was calculated for each of the tax years applied for. HMRC gives itself up to two weeks for a repayment cheque to arrive at its destination. So, once you receive a P800 tax calculation, your cheque should arrive in the mail two weeks later.

How am I paid?

When we receive your tax rebate cheque or bank transfer from HMRC, we automatically send out your payment in the form of a cheque, to the address confirmed in the application. This payment includes a breakdown of the amount received from HMRC, our fee, VAT, and the amount due to you.

If you have any questions, please write to info@tax-rebate.online and request a callback. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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