Marriage tax allowance allows you to transfer 10% of your unused personal allowance (the amount you can earn tax-free each tax year), to your spouse or civil partner, if they earn more than you.

Marriage Allowance Tax Refund Explained

This scheme was first introduced by the UK Goverment in April 2015. It’s main purpose is to help married couples and civil partners to reduce the amount tax they pay annually. It is applicable to those couples where one partner earns less than the other, or was in fact unemployed. The lower earning partner essentially agrees to transfer 10% of their personal allowance to the higher earning partner.

The 10% is equivalent to £1,250 for tax year 2019/20 , annually which is transferred to the higher earning partner. In Other words, it would reduce the higher paying partner taxable income by £1,250, reducing their annual tax paid by £250, and a tax refund for overpayment in tax for the past 4 years worth over £1,000 as long as the civil partnership existed over the period. HMRC accepts claims that go back 4 years.

Transferring Personal Allowance

Currently, the annual tax-free personal allowance is £12,500. This means that a person is not charged tax for the first £12,500 they earn. Marriage tax allowance therefore allows the 

First 12,500 their unused allowance to the higher earning partner.

Are you eligible for a refund?

You will not automatically be refunded for the extra tax you have paid together as a couple, if you do not take the initiative to put forward a claim. 

Where a claim has not been made, the government holds on to the extra funds and do not notify you of this allowance.

What are the steps to recover your tax from HMRC?

This is where the team at Tax-Rebate helps you. We have worked in this sector for many years and reclaimed tax for countless employees just like you. 

We have made the process extremely straightforward. You may make use of our online tax calculator to find out how much of a refund you are entitled to.

Once you have done this and are keen to use our services, you may go on to complete the form on our website. 

The form asks you for some personal details and the name of your employer, the sector you work in and your job role. You then sign the form and we do the rest. It really is that simple.

Our experienced team will then review your details and liaise with HMRC directly. Within a few weeks, you will be receiving a cheque of the tax rebate in the post, without any further steps required from yourself.   

Our Other Services

You may also be entitled to refund if your are married (Marriage Allowance Tax Reclaim), if you use your own tools (Tool Allowances Tax Rebates), PPI Interest Rebate , if you drive your own vehicle in the course employment (Mileage Allowance Tax Refund), Magazine / Professional Bodies subscription allowances tax refundor if you are a member of a union (Subscription Fees Tax Refund).

Should you have any queries, as to whether you are entitled to any of the above tax claims, you may use our calculator, or submit a query to our email, where a member of our team will be more than happy to advise you.

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