Question: What are the fees?

ANSWER: You will not be charged when you submit a claim with us. There are not any upfront payments and you do not even have to disclose your bank details to us. 

However, once your claim has been successful and we have obtained a refund for you; our fees are 36% plus VATof any refund we obtain for you. Our Admin fee is a fixed fee of £25.

Question: How long do the claim take to complete?

ANSWER: In our experience; tax claims usually are completed within 6- 12 weeks. HMRC may however take up to 16 weeks to process more complex claims. If we do not receive a response from HMRC 16 weeks after a submission, we will consider re-submitting your claim to them afresh.

Question: How many years can I claim back?

ANSWER: You may claim for up to the last 4 years. This means your claim can include jobs from the tax year April 2015. 

Question: Can my application include more than one job?

ANSWER: Yes. You can claim for all previous and current jobs you may have had in the last 4 years and even if you are no longer employed.

Question: Will my employers be notified about my claim?

ANSWER: Your employers will not be notified about your tax refund. The claim will be submitted directly to the HMRC.

Question: What kind of documents does a successful claim require?

ANSWER: Our online forms will ask you of all the information required for a successful tax refund claim. For more complex cases, we may contact you to clarify the information you entered. 

Please note, we do not require any tax documents such as your P45 or P60. 

For uniform tax claims, we do not require you to send us proof of costs in relation to the cleaning and maintenance of your uniform. 

However, you may have to showcase the fees you have paid, if you are a member of a union or professional bodies.

HMRC may also ask for proof of purchases if you use your own tools/equipment in your trade. 

Question: Am I required to submit a tax claim every year?

Here at Employee Tax, we help change your tax code with HMRC so that you do not have to claim every year for a refund. 

After the successful submission of your claim, you will receive a new tax code from HMRC.

Moreover, should your circumstances change and there are other newer expenses which you would also like to be refunded for, then you may to contact us to make us aware of the change and we will be able to submit a new claim on your behalf. 

Question: Are you a government agency or affiliated with HMRC?

ANSWER: No.. We are a private firm that specialise’s in PAYE tax refund claims.HMRC does not endorse or affiliate itself with ANY private company. 

Question: How will my refund be processed?

ANSWER: We will never ask you for your bank details as we will transfer the refund to you via a cheque sent to the address on the application form. If you believe you have entered your address incorrectly on the form, you may contact us immediately. Please note we may ask you to provide us with the proof of address. 

Question: Can you make payment via bank transfer?

ANSWER: No, we will not be able to make a bank transfer. 

Question: I’ve lost my cheque. Can you send a new one?

ANSWER: If you have lost your cheque, you may notify us of this. We will be able to re-issue your cheque. As we will cancel your original cheque to issue a new cheque, we will charge an admin fee of £19.99.

Question: Is your website secure?

ANSWER: Our website uses industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. When completing our claim form, all information sent to our site is encrypted, protecting it from interception by unintended recipients. You can submit your personal information with the assurance that all transactions are secure, private, and tamper-proof.

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