This Rebates are for People who have changed jobs and they have allocated emergency PAYE Code.

Many Taxpayers are taxed at wrong tax levels because of incorrect PAYE codes

What is PAYE Code

PAYE Codes are HMRC way of summarising your personal tax allowance
( Tax free salary amount) so eg a PAYE Code of 1250L would mean that you are allowed £12 500 tax free.

Reasons for Wrong PAYE Codes

This usually happens when you have started a new job and your employer has not allocated the correct PAYE code to HMRC

This could result in overpayment of Tax or if you have been self employed and then started employment.

Find Out If you have overpaid Tax

We have an online calculator for you to check if you have overpaid tax in the last 4 years

How Can I Claim Overpaid Tax

We have a simple form to complete , we will work with HMRC to get a Tax refund cheque in the post to you.

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