What are your Fees

We charge 36% inc Vat for our services, for this we prepare your claim and make sure we maximise your claim by claiming for all Tax Rebates available. We handle all the correspondence between HMRC on your behalf.

What If My claim is Turned Down

We work on a No Win / No Fee Basis , so you will not have to pay anything if you don`t get a tax refund

How Long Does It Take

Normally HMRC take 6/8 weeks to make a refund payment

How Will I Get Paid

We send a cheque to the postal address you gave us on your claim form.
We cannot make bank transfers only cheques.

Will my claim affect my Job

No, we are claiming from HMRC not your employer

How Many Years Can I Claim

You can claim upto the last 4 tax years

Can I Claim For Previous Jobs

Yes, you can claim for previous jobs within last 4 years

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