What is Uniform Tax Rebate



Have you been doing a job in uniform over the last four years ? If YES ! Here is good news for you.

If you are an employee who wears a uniform or a protective gear, you are eligible to apply for a tax relief up to £220 from HMRC . No need for receipts and historical data.

This tax rebate is available  for any employee over  the last  four years who has worn a particular uniform(even if it is a T-shirt with a logo)  that had to be cleaned and maintained.

Each occupation has  a different specific rebate value per annum , which can be seen by using  the online calculator.

Besides uniform tax rebate there are other  additional expenditures which HMRC allows tax relief on

  1. Price of any equipment/tools you bought related to your job useful for Mechanics / Domestic Engineers / Electricians etc
  2. Subscription / Professional  Fees paid to a professional organization like HCPC, NMC and Unison etc useful for Teachers 
  3. Union Membership Fees 

Who can apply:                 

These are some professions  which we regularly  assist in obtaining Tax Rebates

Cabin crew


Fast Food

Couriers / Post Office 

Police officers

The tax claim process is very simple. Just complete the online form , we will do all the rest with HMRC.

Normally it takes 6/8 weeks for HMRC to issue refund cheques , we will keep you updated during the claims process.

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